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Haii'P! So I just wanted to fill you guys in on the current workings progressing inside my home "studio", located in the shinin' fields of Pendleton NY. The gears are starting to get moving on this second children's book for client Carousel Pediatrics and I'm pleased with how it's turning out so far. Being that it's the second in the educational series, I'm starting to find a little niche or path I guess you could say. A much clearer idea of how I want the series to develop stylistically. This current book will be a basic counting book with the theme of Zoo animals which is right down my alley. I've always had a great love of animals so theres enjoyment in the creative process leading the development of the artwork. Also, my sincere gratitude goes out to my good friend Rachel Wood, who it's a pleasure to also have as my Art Director. She's been great to work with and awesome concerning her allowing me the privilege of artistic freedom. I don't want to spoil the completed book so these are just a couple teaser sketches folks, hope you enjoy and keep posted to check out the final work :)




  1. Yo Tim! I didn't know you had a blog -- I'll added you to my alumni list. These sketches are coming along really nicely. I'm sure your client's going to favor them. Hope everything's going smoothly for you back home!

  2. Thanks tran I appreciate it :) Yeah the artwork for this second book is coming along nicely, I really like where it's heading. Things are going alright back home, I have this client that I'll be working with for a long while since I'll be doing a big series of books. I have another local client that I got about a month ago that specializes in kid's bounce houses. I'm doing artwork for them which will displayed on the sides of the inflatables, so it's pretty cool. I'll actually be moving to NYC towards the end of January so I'm pretty excited for that :) Good to hear from you, and keep your eye open for more work that I post on here :D tell your friends too! I need more followers lol

  3. Timmy! Thanks again for all the hard work youve done on these books... we are going to start printing the first book next week, cant wait to see it in print! And i am beyond stoked about the next one... i was seriously floored when you sent me the tight sketches... they were even better than what i pictured in my head - you are an incredible artist! Miss you, buddy!

  4. Thank you rach, I really appreciate it :) I cant wait to see the first book printed as well, I hope it turns out good. You've been incredible to work with by the way, I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to do these books. It really has helped launch me into my career, and for that I will be forever grateful.