Dumpleton's Den


Little Sketch

Just a lil sketch I did. Sketch of the band Little Dragon, these guys have recently became one of my favorite groups. They have a real unique sound with beautiful vocals and dream-like melodies. I definitely recommend you check them out boys and girls http://www.little-dragon.se/

hope you enjoy the sketch :)


Color Book

Hey guys. It's been quite a dandy long time since I've posted anything new on my blag. Been really busy lately with workin at Banana Republic (joyy....) and REAL job searching. But the good news is I've finished my first real children's book for Carousel Pediatrics in Austin, TX. The first of many I might add. It feels really great to start getting my feet wet in the Children's Book industry. This is what I am going to persue, I believe it's what I was meant for. I haven't gotten a hard copy of the book yet but when I do I'll post a few photos to show what it actually looks like. In the mean time here are some images from the book, I hope you enjoy :)