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Portfolio Book

Hey boys and girls,

So a new posting has been lonnnngggg overdue, I guess there just hasn't been much going on Art-wise worth posting. That's probably a bad thing, I guess it shows that I should motivate myself more! I will report though that I have recently completed my portfolio book which I will be sending to Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios in hopes of possibly obtaining a summer internship. I doubt I'll get it considering there's a gajillion other folks shooting for the same thing as I am, but I guess you don't know unless you try. Can't win the lottery unless you play right? So anyways, above is an image of what the book cover looks like, I think it's pretty savvy lookin. I ordered the books through a company called Blurb, and created the actually book with a program that you can download from their website called "BookSmart". This program is actually really awesome and completely user friendly. It allows you to pick from a bunch of different templates depending on what kind of book you are trying to make. There are also loads of different styles to choose from. If you are considering creating a book I highly recommend using this program. Originally I was going to use InDesign to create my book, but I've never been the greatest at using that program. You also have the choice of getting soft cover, hard cover with book jacket, or hard cover with image wrap (which is what I got). Anyways that's what I've been up to, not to mention updating/redesigning my resume and all that good stuff. Working at Pixar would be an absolute dream and I probably wouldn't believe that is was happening if it does! Wish me luck everyone!