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About Me

 Hey guys! So its time to talk a little bit about myself so you can get to know better, right? Well, born and raised in the suburbs outside of Buffalo, NY where I grew up with one elder brother Andrew. At a very early age, we both discovered enjoyment from drawing and Art. Although at the time I had always dreamed of becoming a Veterinarian and working at the Zoo. It wasn't til 4th grade that I had learned from teachers and other kids in class about my talent. But ever since I have pursued it and found my own path. I am always anxious and excited to follow wherever my interests in the field take me. Graduating from the Savannah College of Art & Design gave me the insight and knowledge to prepare for the vast, competitive and challenging world of Illustration. Upon becoming a graduate, the direction that has started to attract me is towards the creation of Childrens Books. I have always been very much a kid at heart and character so it fits perfectly and gives me the most enjoyment. Even outside of Children's Books my artwork mostly consists of comical, heartwarming subject matter fit for all ages.