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Ski-bop-ba-doop, here's another piece to add to my series.  This one makes me want ice cream for some odd reason...  Enjoy!!




Hey all, it's currently 4:04am and I've finished another piece to add to my Animal Skull series.  Leave me with your comments whilst I fall asleep... zZzZz..



After reading an article last night about artist Chris Oatley's daily routine I found on EscapeFromIllustrationIsland.com, I was filled with inspiration.  Learning about how he wakes up every morning right around 6:30am to begin working encouraged me to do the same.  Chris is an amazing artist and works hard all day every day to continue perfecting his craft.  So I figured that I should be living my Illustration life the same way,  good things come to those who work hard right?  This morning I woke up at 6:30, made myself a nice tall cup of joe, and started working out ideas.  For awhile now I've had the desire to sit down and work out a series involving skulls from different members of the animal kingdom.  So I started sketching a mouse skull I found after dissecting an owl pellet I found in my yard a couple years ago.  This is what I eventually came up with after bringing it into Photoshop.  It's now 9:16am and I need to get ready to go to work at my day job, leave me with your comments :)