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Hey guys, it is my pleasure to give you a few images from my very first published children's book entitled "Color". After some minor tweaking the book is finally on it's way to resting in the hands of kid's under the care of Carousel Pediatrics in Austin, TX. It's pretty cool to see my work developed into an actual publication and I couldn't be more grateful to be given the opportunity to do so. I can't wait to finish up the artwork for this next book and send it on it's way to be printed. I hope you enjoy and keep posted for updates to my blog



  1. Yo yo brutha! these look great man! great to see this thing is published. It's so awesome you are doing children's books. I would love to do one someday myself. keep it up man! great talking to you earlier. Is the guy on the last page you?

  2. thanks lyle! you should totally do a book in the future, I know your style would look great in a publication. You think the guy on the last page looks like me? haha

  3. Well done Tim, this is really great! Hope there's more to come.