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"Grow Up Book" sketches

What's up guys, first off let me say I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.  It's always good to spend quality time with your family, especially during busy times like these.  Let me also give my regards to those who like myself had to work the dreaded Black Friday.  Aside from that, it's been awhile since I've posted anything so I figured I'd give you guys something interesting to check out.  So as we speak I am currently in the process of completing my 5th childrens book for Carousel Pediatrics.  As of right now it is unofficially titled "The Grow Up Book", which is designed to inform kids about what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.  I really like the concept and message of this book, so I thought I'd share some process sketches.  Now I'm not going to spoil the final product, so here are a few sketches which you will see within the finished book.  Hope you enjoy :)

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