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Yeeehaww! So I recently returned from an awesome trip to Austin, TX.  The reason for embarking on this journey was to attend the wedding of a good friend of mine and former art director, Rachel Wood to her fiance Kenny Hostetler.  It was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was a blast :)  During my stay in Austin, I also met with my current art director for Carousel Pediatrics, Tanya Gonzalez.  We visited one of the most recent, state of the art, Carousel Pediatrics locations in the city as well as the creative office/print shop.

I also had the pleasure to spend time with a few of my great friends from my years spent at SCAD.  A couple whom which live in Austin and the surrounding area.  This proved most helpful when finding fun things to do in the city.  I have to say, Austin is definitely one of the coolest, weirdest, most fun cities I have been to.  Hell, the city's slogan alone "Keep Austin Weird" already raised my excitement before my visit.  Filled with creativity not only in an artistic form, but also in it's locally run, avant-garde restaurants/bars, second hand stores, and shops. Don't even get me started on the music scene, voted as the live music capital of the world.  This is a city that is growing at an alarming rate, and I can see why with the amount of creative minds and the city's ability to make something out of nothing.  Discovering this makes it easy to see why Austin is becoming "the place to be" for young Americans.  It would not come as a surprise in the least, to see myself relocating to such and awesome location within the next few years.  If you're wondering where to plan your next trip, give Austin some thought.  Unless you're a total square, you will not regret it.



  1. cool drawing with that there muffin and donut. also, is that your characters on the windows of the pediatric facility? very, cool if it is.

  2. thank you sir. in response to the window designs, those are actually their original characters which I reference for the characters I create in the books :)