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Paying a visit

So I was recently a special guest for my cousin's class of 2nd graders that she teaches. The purpose of my visit was to show the kids how I use pictures to tell a story, much like every illustrator does. They learned how to take the only the important parts of the story to illustrate. In class they were currently reading the "Wayside Stories", and my cousin will be giving them an assignment in the future where they have to illustrate one of the many stories from the book. It was a great experience and the kids were a lot of fun. I will say that it is difficult at first adjusting to their level of understanding. I really had to "dumb" myself down I guess you could say, being mindful to use a vocabulary that they will understand. The kids really enjoyed it though, and I'mhoping they were able to take something from it.


  1. Yo Mr. Tim,

    This seems like it was so cool. I laughed my ass off seeing you teaching kids. But that's cool man, and maybe you inspired some kids in there.

  2. haha mr. tim! i like that, that looked like quite a challenge that you handled with ease

  3. aw Mr. Tim, haha it has a certain ring to it, little kids are a whole different ball game, looks like did a good job though!

  4. Dood, that's so cool~ Glad it was enjoyable and they weren't mean lol

    I didn't know you had a blog! Thanks for commenting on mine :)