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So it's about time that I got one of these things up and working. Pretty much every artist I know has one! I guess I've just been putting it off until I actually have some time to devote to it. I'll be adding some of my most recent work and what nots for entertainment purposes of the masses. Right now in my life is the period where I need to start really concentrating on my craft and what I want to make of it. A couple weeks ago it kind of hit me out of nowhere where I want to go with my work as an Illustrator. I've always found storyboarding very interesting and the idea of working with movies, video games, or whatever developing story boards. The more I thought about it the more it kind of made sense to me. I'm a movie nut and I believe that I already have a huge influence from cinema when it comes to my work and compositions. I always think in my head with a cinematic perspective; where the "camera" should be, what emotions it should evoke, so on and so forth. My love of movies is not the only support I would have in a storyboarding career, but also my experience acting in plays throughout grade school and how much fun I had. You have to be able to act out your story boards and become the characters you are trying to portray in the scenes. This only gives the director and animators a better idea of how you feel the characters should act in the scene. I have no regrets when I think back to the storyboarding class and the character/keyframe design class I took at SCAD. They may not have been exactly what I think I wanted to concentrate on career wise in the future at the time, but I'm so happy that I was able to gain the knowledge those classes gave me. Because lo and behold here I am seriously considering storyboarding in the near future. Possibly Disney? Maybe a leading game company? Or even working at Pixar. I have to keep my head up and "reach for the stars!", as corny as that sounds.



  1. Would you ever be interested into coming into one of my classrooms and doing a story board lesson?

    We do a lot of Reader's Theater and I think incorporating a story board to go with the script would be a great additive for the students.

  2. possibly yeah, i dont really know anything when it comes to preparing a lesson or anything but ill give it a shot.

  3. It's easy...I'll do the prepare the lesson with you...Maybe after Thanksgiving?