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Long Time Comin'

Well this is quite the long overdue blog post if I do say so.  I have to apologize for that, I moved into a new apartment in downtown Buffalo back in mid December and have been without internet until today.  Yes, I am once again a functioning member of society.  During my long absence from my blog I completed my 6th book for Carousel Pediatrics titled, "The Opposites Book".  Look for a post following this one containing the finished artwork.  It has been a crazy couple of months though, between moving into my new place, the holidays, and facing some family hardships.  But on the bright side of things I love my new apartment and the freedom as well as creative environment it gives me.  There are a couple sketches I'd like to share.  One I did in the Laundromat and another for a poster promoting my good friend Phil Machemer's comedy show.  Enjoy :)

Much Love


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